Sunday, March 22, 2009

Airborne Korean War Era Veteran

In Feb. 1950 at the age of 17 I enlisted in the United States Army and took the oath to protect and defend the Constitution of these United States. Little did I know or understand at that time that the day would come that I would ever have to defend it against our own Government.

After I finished basic training I went to Ft. Benning, Georgia to take Airborne training. It was while in Airborne training that the Korean war broke out. After Airborne training I was sent to Ft. Bragg, North Carolina to the 82nd Airborne Division signal Company where I spent three years.
After discharge I returned home and Married a wonderful girl and now on the 27th of March 2009, we will celebrate our 55th wedding anniversary.

Thinking back over the years I have never forgotten my oath and am as committed today as I ever was to the Constitution. Its to bad that the people running our Government today do not understand what our forefathers stood for and had the courage to stand up against all those secret organizations that wish to destroy our Nation and its Constitution!

Thank you.
Roger T. Pervere


Anonymous said...

I am F. Allen Norman Jr. I only posted as anonymous because I hae trouble figuring out the other modes, I do not hide my face or my name. You cannot know how reassuring it is to know that the sole resistance to the perversion of our Constitution is not claimed by the abominable White Supremacist movement. For those folks are among the worst advocates of abrogating the Constitution and establishment of tyranny. Indeed such as the National Stormfront are not patriots at all.

In all political systems, control of the military is key to power. In most nations it is not the titular Head of State who is the Commander In Chief, and such a Head of State owes his power to the CINC of the Army. Here in America the CINC is the President.
But according to the UCMJ there is NO DUTY to obey an UNLAWFUL order. This is the all important check on the power of even the CINC. Your organization constitutes a powerful reminder to the Chain of Command that there is a difference between Mutiny and keeping your sworn Oath.

My military service was mostly with the 24th Security Police Squadron, Howard/Albrook AFB Canal Zone, Panama. I am a civilian now. But I remember my Oath, and it does not expire. There may be consequenses to acting on your concsience instead of following orders blindly. But frankly my favorite American hero is Nathan Hale, who standing bound hand and foot on the trap of a British gallows declared that he only regretted he could not ssuffer the sane fate twice for his country. If push comes to shove I pray that same courage for myself and for us all. SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS.

Dolorosa said...

Yes, it's difficult to realize that our own government is betraying the american people but Senator Joe McCarthy warned us about the communist infiltration and now we have a socialist president who plans to use our military and police force against us. I applaud all those who fight this evil. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary. That is the same day I go for surgery. If I return home on the 28th, I will lift a glass to your happiness. If I do not, know that I will have checked out thanking patriots for my country.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pervere,
Thank you for your past service, congratulations on your anniversary, and thank you for honoring your pledge to protect and defend the Constitution of these United States!

U.S. Army Vet; Combat Engineer

Anonymous said...

Our corrupt government and media have misled our military and citizens (as Hitler misled the German people). Our military and citizens don't know the wars they are fighting are illegal according to US and International law. Obama, Gates, Congress are making the military into War Criminals. Obama, Gates, Bush, Congress, etc. are War Criminals - treasonous, murderous fascists, have been for years!

The military needs to be informed and file 138's and lawsuits on Obama, Gates and Congress, etc.

Thank you,
Danny Vestal

Stewart Rhodes said...

Mr. Allen, thank you very much for your testimonial and for your well said rebuke of racist idiots. Your testimonial will be posted as a stand alone post on the blog post haste, along with my comments on how racists of the Stormfront ilk are just as collectivist and anti-individual liberty as any communist. If you have any photos to add, please email them to me at

Stewart Rhodes