Thursday, March 19, 2009

Active Duty Marine

I want to keep my name hidden and have sent this from a friends email.

I'm an active duty Marine

I would never kick in doors and take guns from people like something out of a bad movie. I would never have thought this would be something we have talk about, but we talk about it a lot lately.

I first saw the Marine in the youtube video a couple weeks back and then found this. We've all been reading it.

I agree with the ten orders we won't obey and so do my fellow Marines.

The video he's referring to is below


Anonymous said...

I commend you and your fellow Marines who "Honor Your Oath"...I have one question though...if you were given an order you knew to be un-Constitutional, would you (or could you?) arrest the officer who gave it??

Anonymous said...

I am the Lady of an old Marine Nam Vet who still screams and shakes in his sleep and scares our kids half to death (even if they do have four paws and tails).
My advice? If you're gonna have to live like this after it's all over, at least know for a certainty that you followed the Constitution. You're conscience shouldn't be an added burden. You Know what's right so carry on. Hoohah!!

CorbinKale said...

Thank you for speaking out. You are right to worry about retaliation, too. There is no dishonor in remaining anonymous, when your message is honoring your Oath.


Anonymous said...

My friend, you are right about the dissent in the military. I, too, serve. And, we speak often of what we would do if we had to, and when would the time come when we had to. I, too, must remain anonymous, but know that one more of your brothers-in-arms stans with you.